Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January's Plain Vanilla Mittens

I told you I had a plan, right? Here it is. My plan is to knit two pairs of mittens a month as I described previously.

Here's the first plain vanilla mittens.

I'm going to photograph each month's plain version on a quilt to make them more interesting. Really, though, these mittens are boring. After knitting the second mitten I've already memorized the pattern.

Again, the pattern used for the plain mittens is this one and I'm using Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight and size 4 double pointed needles. The size is medium.

You will notice the cuff is long and I've done that on purpose as these are mittens knit to be donated and longer cuffs helps keep the warmth in.

In EZ's Knitter's Almanac, she writes:

It is better not to make mittens in a hurry. When snow flies and small frozen hands beg for warmth (sob), the actual knitting tends to be perfunctory and possibly scrimpted; one economies on the number of stitches; one does not make the cuffs sufficiently long. The main object then is to turn out scads of mittens to appease the demand, and the enjoyment of production is not what it might be. (page 53)

As this pair of mittens is for charity, I've also posted the photo and information on another of my blogs, Knitting for Peace.

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